What precisely is an Order Management System (OMS)?

What exactly is an OMS framework?

A distributed order management (DOM) or order management (OMS) system can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem of your supply chain.

By providing inventory visibility, demand forecasting, speed, precision, and cost savings, it enables users to orchestrate order management and fulfillment to grow strategically.

Who needs OMS systems?

Once a company has sorted out how to manage its warehouse, it can start looking into other ways to grow than just carrying inventory.

How can you prepare for long-term profitability over the next ten years while simultaneously meeting the challenges posed by rising business objectives?

Scaling fulfillment for omnichannel will not be an option for older frameworks!

Order management is the best way of extending omnichannel capabilities. The crucial task of executing omnichannel fulfillment in the warehouse are thought to be done naturally by an OMS framework.

Users must advance past basic questions like: How many items are currently in stock? Where could it be? What in the warehouse can be automated?

With an OMS system, the question becomes more strategic: For profitable growth, how can we improve, scale, rinse, and repeat?

Scaling omnichannel, which should be a top priority for any competitive business, requires orchestrating orders.

Multichannel consumers spend four times as much as those who only shop in stores and ten times as much as those who only use digital media.

We’re expanding, but how can we expand faster?

Businesses that market in more than three channels have a purchase rate that is 287% higher than that of those who use a single-channel campaign.

Companies that have an omnichannel engagement strategy retain 89 percent of their customers, whereas those with weak omnichannel strategies only retain 33 percent.

Order management is the turning point for businesses that want to clearly define their omnichannel vision and turn their successes into larger growth initiatives.

Using an order management and DOM framework, client touchpoints are automated and streamlined to create a single source of truth.

Having a unified purchasing experience and perspective on fulfillment across the business, from order creation to client conveyance, makes it possible to have a smoother process for receiving, handling, fulfilling, and following orders through any sales channel.

Top 5 components of order management 

These top five OMS framework capabilities have been identified as essential for fast, maintainable development, cost savings, and consistent information transparency by our work with the fastest-growing organizations:

  1. Automated Fulfillment – eliminates manual processes to boost efficiencies, reduce errors and empower workers.
  2. Drop Shipping – reduces time-consuming communication with drop-ship partners and guesswork; find the optimal drop-ship method of the day, directly in the system.
  3. Right Inventory Management by Channel – represent the properly configured available inventory levels for every item, from various inventory sources.
  4. Automatic Order Routing – properly route orders and ensure availability in situations like alternative fulfillment sources, split orders and exceptions.
  5. Pre-Ordering – understand items available for pre-order, without going into the ecommerce system–boosting sales, profitability and brand reputation

OMS systems designed for omnichannel fulfillment

The majority of businesses are aware that they must utilize these best OMS system capabilities. Pre-Ordering enables customers to understand items that are available for pre-order without having to enter the ecommerce system. Customers can learn about items that can be pre-ordered without entering the e-commerce system by using pre-ordering.

Additionally, it improves the brand’s reputation, profitability, and sales. The majority of businesses either do not have enough employees or are simply too busy to manage a significant IT project. Or, it’s too much to bear to think about adding yet another taxing module to their ERP or legacy WMS system.

However, it need not be.

Reasons to buy OMS software

Order management and DOM arrangements can accelerate the five OMS abilities recorded above for organizations that need to make the most of present opportunities. OMS software should offer:

  • Ultra-reliable, up-to-the-minute data to balance inventory available to promise + inventory available to sell
  • Virtually error-proof order pick pack ship tasks
  • Huge labor savings – scale orders by 4X to 9X without adding staff
  • Confidence that products will be delivered as promised, no matter where they are ordered or fulfilled
  • Customers can track order status in real time
  • Fast and consistent fulfillment times – under 24 hours
  • Ongoing cost reduction and staff productivity improvements via supply chain data analytics, tailored to your business

Additionally, it will make your work easier and more efficient!

Prior to beginning the search for an OMS partner, it is essential to keep these three characteristics in mind:

  1. ONE SOLUTION that associates all request touchpoints consistently to accelerate choices and work processes. from the time a customer places an order to the time the product is delivered to their door.
  1. ONE FOCUS for scaling. The time-consuming and expensive process of managing disparate systems is eliminated by supply chain software integrations and other adaptable, built-in “extras.” Additionally, cumbersome data exports for systems that were not designed to work together are eliminated by supply chain software integrations. These systems include WMS, ERP, legacy supply chain systems, shipping carriers, order tracking, POS, and even customer-facing systems like e-commerce order fulfillment software.
  1. ONE TEAM that makes sure you ask the right questions to get to the bottom of first concerns, similar to how executives actually work. The partner should regularly meet with your teams to provide analytics and recommendations for profitable decisions.


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