How to compose a one-pager for sales

A one-pager is analogous to an elevator speech in that it summarizes a presentation, but for your product marketing materials library. 

A fantastic one-pager

Great one-pagers remind prospective clients of two or three pain points and demonstrate how your company’s features directly address these issues. Provides readers with a concise, straightforward call to action is an effective way to increase sales.

Focus and simplicity are the keys to a successful one-pager, but you can’t get there without a well-organized content strategy. If you want to increase conversions and expand your audience, your one-pager must stand out from the vast amount of content that people are continuously exposed to. 

A one-pager is not an endeavor to cover all aspects of a topic, but rather an invitation to learn more. Finding precisely what your prospects and consumers will find most engaging may take time, but it is worthwhile to do so accurately.

Creating an excellent one-page article is a long-term investment in evergreen content because it can increase website traffic and generate interest. Excellent one-pager templates can be used to further standardize and expedite the process.

A one-pager written in an approachable, direct style can be used in outreach emails, social media, and business association pages as a download or link, as a follow-up to an initial conversation, and other purposes. 

Consequently, it will be used by marketing team members, account executives, sales development representatives, and even customer success managers throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

The essential elements of a successful one-pager are the same for all businesses, but yours must be tailored to your business’s objectives, products, and services. Listed below are several of the most essential components:

List of features for a one-pager:

  • Buyer persona or profile
  • Value propositon
  • Focused
  • Brief context
  • Demonstate excellence
  • Proof
  • Next measures / CTA
  • Great design

Prepare and present your one-pager

Ensure that any decisions you make are based on a comprehensive understanding of what motivates conversions among your potential customers.

A one-pager is one page!

Your content MUST fit on a single page. Keep in mind that this is an invitation to learn more; it should be engaging and encourage potential customers to take action. This will undoubtedly necessitate making some content-related sacrifices.

Demonstrate a striking design

You have only a fraction of a second to capture someone’s focus. To accomplish it, you must have an outstanding visual design. 

Remember that a flawless design will aid in the sale of your product. Although interactive design elements and current, captivating visuals are essential, your primary objective should be to motivate people to take action. 

Deliver a unique value proposition and have a distinct goal

What makes your offer unique? Those who may become your customers are occupied. What will they gain by accepting the offer to learn more? Provide lucid descriptions of the issues and comprehensible solutions.

In other words, what would you gain if they accepted your invitation? What do you expect to achieve with this one-page document? The solution will help you refine your content by making it concise and intriguing for your readers.

These inquiries may be answered by your sales content strategy.

Keep in mind the call to action

Consider where and how your target audience will view this one-pager, as well as how you can incorporate action into the page. To achieve your goal, make it as easy as possible for people to act.

Consult your group

Involving your colleagues and perhaps even your current clients in the design and editing phases will improve your sell document. Insights that are unexpected and concealed can be extremely beneficial, and they may also bring to your attention something you neglected.

Utilize consistent branding and themes

While every organization has a style, not every organization has a style guide. Discover what makes it yours in terms of colors, fonts, logos, and other visual elements. 

Ensure that your work proceeds naturally from the visual identity and persona of your company.

Track Your Progress

After publishing your one-pager, you will want to determine its effectiveness. To achieve this, focus on increasing your conversion rates. With engagement analytics, DAM software can monitor and report on the efficacy of content. 

Before you compose an effective one-pager:

A strong one-pager may be a very effective way to increase sales and develop brand awareness for your company, despite the effort required to create one.

The combined efforts of the marketing and sales departments have produced some of the best one-pagers. 

To obtain the most effective version, you will need to conduct multiple sales content audits, generate multiple revisions, and then track their performance. The procedure can be time- and resource-intensive, but it will be worthwhile once you have the necessary resources. 


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