Annual Planning, Assessment and Reporting Calendar


Planning and Assessment Goals

  • To ensure institutional effectiveness through broad-based, mission-focused planning
  • To integrate CSCC Annual and Strategic Plans with TBR, THEC and Complete College plans and initiatives
  • To integrate planning with the college’s budgeting process
  • To create a campus culture for planning and assessment among academic units and administrative divisions
  • To utilize research-based assessment data to inform and guide planning, report progress, and foster improvement
  • To involve all faculty and staff in planning and assessment processes in an appropriate manner


  • Cabinet Winter Retreat:
    • Review mid-year Annual Plan Progress Reports
    • Review of Institutional Data (quarterly)
  • Provide mid-year progress report to faculty & staff at In-Service
  • Cabinet collects enrollment projections and develops planning assumptions for next fiscal year



  • Cabinet reviews mid-year budget projections and recommends current year adjustments
  • Budget Request Forms submitted to VP’s for next fiscal year with justifications based on college mission and Strategic Plan.



  • VP’s submit budget requests to VP for Finance & Administration for next fiscal year
  • Draft proposed budget prepared by VP for Finance & Administration
  • Cabinet reviews budget proposal and makes recommendations to President



  • Review progress on annual and strategic goals in preparation for developing End-of-the-Year Progress Reports and developing Action Plans for improvement for the coming year.
  • Cabinet review of institutional data
  • IE: Complete College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)
  • IE: Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE)
  • IE: IPEDS Report
  • IE: National Community College Benchmark Project



  • Submit the proposed budget to TBR
  • Departmental End-of-the-Year Progress Reports submitted to VP’s
  • Academic and support unit Annual Plan Goals drafted and submitted to VP’s for next fiscal year.
  • Committees Develop Annual Reports



  • Committee Reports posted on CougarNet for all employees
  • Strategic Plan Annual Reports due in Compliance Assist
  • Complete employee performance appraisals
  • VP’s complete divisional Annual Plan Progress Reports  (preceding year)
  • VP’s develop divisional Annual Plans (next year)
  • Staff In-Service
  • IE: Kansas Study



  • Cabinet Summer Retreat
    • Annual Plan Progress Reports (preceding year)
    • Proposed Annual Plans (coming year)
    • Review of institutional data
  • CSCC Annual & Strategic Plan Progress Report finalized



  • President completes assessments of VP’s
  • Present CSCC Annual & Strategic Plan Progress Report to Faculty/Staff In-Service
  • IE: THEC Performance Funding Report
  • IE: Annual Strategic Plan Report



  • Assess actual fall enrollment
  • Cabinet recommends the revised budget based on revised enrollment and assumptions



  • Submit Revised Budget to TBR
  • Cabinet review of institutional data
  • IE: Perkins IV Report



  • State-of-the-College Forum – Student Senate/Students
  • IE: Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE)



  • Prepare mid-year progress reports on Annual Goals

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