Donnell King,  Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Pellissippi State Community College: Keynote Presentation


Laura Bible, Virtual Teacher Session: Let Technology Work for You

Ruth Valle, High School Teacher Session: Game on: Playing Online Games for Review and Content Presentation

Rhonda Gregory, Director, Distributed Education Session: Creating Universally Designed Course Goals & Objectives

Dr. Chris Templar, Director Educational Technology and International Education Sessions: Setting up and Developing your Makerspace, Using Tinkercad with your 3D Printer

Dr. Tony Krug, Professor of Educational Technology Session: Game Publishing for the Classroom

Lori Warren, Librarian I: Coordinator of Marketing and Outreach Session: Adding a Virtual Library to Your Virtual Classroom

Marie P. Loisy, MSN, FNP-C; Associate Professor in Nursing; Nursing Instructor Session: Engaging Students with Nearpod

Jonathan Schoolcraft, Mathematics Teacher Sessions: How Twitter Transformed My Teaching, Why Blog? Why Not?, Desmos Activity Builder, Plickers, Quizzizz, and Kahoot! Oh My!

Jodie Lombardo, 4th Grade Math & Science / Teacher-Tech Leader Session: 10 Low-Cost K-12 STEM Activities Your Class Can Start Tomorrow


Donald Choate, TBR Mobilization System Wide Emerging Technologies Innovations & Student Engagement Session: Mixed Reality of VR/AR/Holograms Gamification

Matthew Smith, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Session: Leveraging Mobile Tools in Education (Took Higher Ed off)

Denise Malloy, Assistant Professor Session: Can Middle and High School Curricula invigorate and revitalize Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences by using Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Nikki Russell, 2nd Grade Teachers/STEAM LEAD teachers/Tech Goes Home Trainers Session: "I have devices.....what now?" Device Digital Citizenship & Management Tips

Ashley Raburn, Director of Dynamic Instruction Session: Formative assessment in the palm of your hand

Donn King, Associate Professor of Communication Studies Session: New tech for ancient needs: Using Mobile Apps for Language Arts, Communication, Journalism, and Collaboration

Rachel Terry, Teacher Technology Leader/Kindergarten Teacher Session: Seesaw on the Beach

Tara Tansil-Gentry, Lecturer Session: Fitness and Wellness Smart Gadgets for Education

Angie Garrett, RTI Coordinator/Instructional Coach Session: Mission Impossible: Making Reading and Writing Fun

Michelle Harris, Chemistry Teacher & Technology Coach Session: Finally Something for the Math & Science Teachers!

Andy Foskey, Librarian Session: Creating Virtual Libraries: A Hands-on Workshop

Nathan M. Simmons, Instructional Technology Specialist Session: Using Google Apps in the Classroom

Matthew Tolbert, Social Sciences Department Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology Session: Mindsets in the Classroom

Mark Littlefield, Lower School Technology Coordinator Sessions: Programming with the Bee-Bot for K-2, Using Google Docs with Kindergarten and First Grade Students

Jeff Olander, Windows and Devices Specialist Sessions: A Teacher’s Day Made Easier with OneNote and OneNote Class Notebooks, Flip your Classroom with Office Mix, New Experiences for educators in Office 365 - PLC Groups, Microsoft Forms, Classroom, and More